Thursday, 2 August 2007

Would you rent a jacuzzi from this man?

There's good news for anyone that believes that water jets are an essential aid to digestion and that every Michelin-starred meal should end in a hot-tub. The Hand & Flowers, the Marlow pub with fine grub that holds a Michelin star for West Country child-actor-turned-chef Tom Kerridge's cooking, have opened Flower Cottage. 

Located a hop and a skip down the road from the pub, it offers two luxury suites designed by Kerridge's much better half Beth who, despite the fact that she married him, reveals herself to a woman of exceedingly good taste. Partly decked out in cow hides, they go by the names of Dexter and Angus, the latter containing the aforementioned jacuzzi. 

Early testing of the facilities by fellow chefs including Sat 'up periscope' Bains are said to have gone well. Rates start at £140 a night including breakfast. 

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