Friday, 27 July 2007

Hix past Caring?

Mark Hix, chef director of Caprice Holdings, has handed in his notice. The Bill Murray doppelganger, who oversees the menus for the restaurant group that includes The Ivy, Le Caprice, J Sheekey and the recently relaunched Scott's, is thought to have a year's notice to work on his contract.  

Hix, who recently was a double finalist on the Great British Menu and is the author of several cookbooks and an award winning recipe column for The Independent, will no doubt go on to great things that don't involve working for clothing-tycoon-turned-restaurateur Richard Caring, who purchased Caprice Holdings for £57 million in September 2005.  

INCOMING... Word of Mouth has just picked up on this and Jay Rayner has Hix, West Country chap that he is, with a plan to buy The Riverside Restaurant in West Bay down in Dorset. 

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